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James Hesketh
Nancy L. Johnston
John T. Farrell
Barry Solof, MD, FASAM
Jason Z. W. Powers, MD

Chronic Pain Treatment Books

Vital information and guidance for anyone struggling with the realities of a loved one's chronic pain. Even a well-functioning family is likely to be thrown out of balance when one of its members has chronic pain. Family members commonly report experiencing feelings of guilt, helplessness,...

Addiction Stories and Memoirs

A home-run bio about a gifted pitcher whose National League career held promise until a hard slider to Willie Mays injured his shoulder. Cortisone injections could only keep him in the game for a while. Denehy holds nothing back as he shares the rage he felt his whole life, his lost dreams, and eventually finding peace when he entered recovery.

Bill Denehy is a former pitching phenom who signed with the Mets, sharing his rookie card with Tom Seaver. Best remembered by Mets fans for being traded to the Washington Senators for Gil Hodges. Denehy pulls no punches when discussing his formative years, his life in baseball, his steroid...

Addiction & Recovery Reference

My First Year in Recovery: A Journal for the Journey

Here is the perfect way for people in recovery to capture the first year of their new life. More than just a journal, My First Year in Recovery encourages individuals in their first year of recovery to examine various aspects of their journey. This newly revised and redesigned edition contains...

Behavioral Health Books

Wouldn’t it be great if there were Twelve Steps for people who weren’t addicts or alcoholics, who just wanted a simple way to live a better life? Well there are. Michael Dinneen LCSW, CACIII, has written The Gift of Fulfillment for anyone committed to living a radically improved life, based on...

Motivational Books

A reflective narrative describing topics about building and practicing character assets. Uses quotes from various sources to describe how the principles embodied in the Twelve Steps can enrich an individual's life. Dr. Crosson offers a fresh perspective on topics such as commitment, devotion,...

Young Adult And Children's Books

The winner of a school essay contest will win a meeting with Dr. Strongheart, and Paige knows she can write a winning essay like nobody else - if she could just focus her attention on her essay instead of following her runaway imagination into daydreams that threaten to wreck her chances of winning...