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CENTRAL RECOVERY PRESS (CRP) is a full-service publishing and intellectual property clearinghouse specializing in chronic pain and recovery, addiction and recovery reference and other behavioral healthcare books. Our publications are written specifically for recovering individuals and their families; chronic pain, addiction and other behavioral health professionals; treatment facilities; and the general public.

CRP titles are distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution in North America and by Deep Books in the UK, EU, Ireland and Scandinavia and Footprint Books in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua-New Guinea.

  • Out of the Woods (978-1-937612-47-4) by Diane Cameron
  • Introducing Making Peace With Your Plate
  • Joe Putignano explains why he wrote ACROBADDICT
  • Dan Mager on his new book SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • Nancy Schenck and Dan Mager discuss SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • Kyczy Hawk, author of YOGA AND THE TWELVE STEP PATH
  • A Q&A with Dr. Gary Solomon, author of Why Is Brian So Fat?
  • Dr. Gary Solomon discusses Why Is Brian So Fat? with CRP Executive Editor, Nancy Schenck
  • Dr. Ditta Oliker talks about her new book The Light Side of the Moon
  • Dr. Gary Solomon reads from his book, Why is Brian So Fat?
  • Mark Edick on the radio
  • Mark Edick on the radio 2
  • Mark Edick on the radio 3
  • Mark Edick in discussion with ABC News Rebecca Trylch
  • Mark Edick in discussion with ABC News Ilse Lujan-Hayes
  • A Spiritual Path to a Healthy Relationship authors Steve & Angie McCord
  • A Spiritual Path to A Healthy Relationship authors Steve & Angie McCord


Meet Our Authors

Debbie Danowski, Ph.D.
James Hesketh
John T. Farrell
Larry Ashley, EdS, LCADC, CPGC
Dawn Maslar

Chronic Pain Treatment Books

Vital information and guidance for anyone struggling with the realities of a loved one's chronic pain. Even a well-functioning family is likely to be thrown out of balance when one of its members has chronic pain. Family members commonly report experiencing feelings of guilt, helplessness,...

Addiction Stories and Memoirs

A heartfelt book that illuminates a hard truth--sometimes addicts don't recover. However, with love, their families can

The heartbreaking, frustrating, too-familiar story of a defiant, delusional addict and the mother who won’t give up on him until finally it hurts more to hang on than to let go. The Joey Song is the flip side of the heartwarming recovery story we all believe in, one that lets parents know it’s okay...

Addiction & Recovery Reference

Even though he was a physician, Dr. Jason Powers knew little about addiction until he became a patient in rehab himself. While he had many ideas about addiction, few were accurate. His initial judgment was that he ended up in addiction treatment because he was broken; a moral failure. In rehab, he...

Behavioral Health Books

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity affects over 33 percent of Americans-that's one third of adults. Medical costs associated with obesity are estimated at $147 billion and obese adults are at a higher risk for coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high...

Motivational Books

A reflective narrative describing topics about building and practicing character assets. Uses quotes from various sources to describe how the principles embodied in the Twelve Steps can enrich an individual's life. Dr. Crosson offers a fresh perspective on topics such as commitment, devotion,...

Young Adult And Children's Books

Denise D. Crosson, Ph.D., Illustrations By Mike Motz SPECIAL 30% OFF COMBINATION " Mommy's Gone to Treatment" and "Mommy's Coming Home from Treatment" together at one special discounted price. Book #1: " Mommy's Gone to Treatment" Written for children ages 4-8, this book candidly tackles the...