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CENTRAL RECOVERY PRESS (CRP) is a full-service publishing and intellectual property clearinghouse specializing in chronic pain and recovery, addiction and recovery reference and other behavioral healthcare books. Our publications are written specifically for recovering individuals and their families; chronic pain, addiction and other behavioral health professionals; treatment facilities; and the general public.

CRP titles are distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution in North America and by Deep Books in the UK, EU, Ireland and Scandinavia and Footprint Books in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua-New Guinea.

  • Out of the Woods (978-1-937612-47-4) by Diane Cameron
  • Introducing Making Peace With Your Plate
  • Joe Putignano explains why he wrote ACROBADDICT
  • Dan Mager on his new book SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • Nancy Schenck and Dan Mager discuss SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • Kyczy Hawk, author of YOGA AND THE TWELVE STEP PATH
  • A Q&A with Dr. Gary Solomon, author of Why Is Brian So Fat?
  • Dr. Gary Solomon discusses Why Is Brian So Fat? with CRP Executive Editor, Nancy Schenck
  • Dr. Ditta Oliker talks about her new book The Light Side of the Moon
  • Dr. Gary Solomon reads from his book, Why is Brian So Fat?
  • Mark Edick on the radio
  • Mark Edick on the radio 2
  • Mark Edick on the radio 3
  • Mark Edick in discussion with ABC News Rebecca Trylch
  • Mark Edick in discussion with ABC News Ilse Lujan-Hayes
  • A Spiritual Path to a Healthy Relationship authors Steve & Angie McCord
  • A Spiritual Path to A Healthy Relationship authors Steve & Angie McCord


Meet Our Authors

Ditta M. Oliker
Debbie Danowski, Ph.D.
Larry Ashley, EdS, LCADC, CPGC
James Hesketh
Robyn Cruze
Sylvester “Skip” Sviokla III, MD

Chronic Pain Treatment Books

Mel Pohl, MD,FASAM; Frank Szabo, JR, LADC; Daniel Shiode, PHD; and Robert Hunter, PHD Not just a treatment for chronic pain but a lifestyle that encompasses the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Written by a distinguished team of authors experienced in various areas of chronic pain management...

Addiction Stories and Memoirs

Nancy A. Schenck Poignant and moving stories from recovering addicts about how the unconditional love of their pets brought them from the horrors of active addiction to a life filled with hope and healing. Includes information on the disease of addiction with supporting medical research data...

Addiction & Recovery Reference

Jennifer Storm An empowering, compassionate guidebook that will assist those in recovery who have been victimized by crime or a traumatic event in healing and rebuilding their lives without returning to addictive behaviors. "Just when you thought recovery couldn't get any harder, life on life's...

Behavioral Health Books

From Heartbreak to Heart's Desire: Developing a Healthy GPS offers a lighthearted lookat the dating disasters most single women will relate to, coupled with a practical, easy-to-follow, and real-life plan for changing course. After a lifetime of dating “Mr. Wrong”; or settling for “Mr. Right-Now”...

Motivational Books

Women new to recovery find much support; sponsorship and fellowship are new, and everything about the recovery life seems fresh and exciting. With time, recovering women face challenges from complacency to burnout, menopause to overweight. Author Cameron has faced these issues, and shares her “...

Young Adult And Children's Books

Meet Brian. Brian is fat. He's fat because he eats too much. And he eats too much because that's how he keeps from feeling his feelings. He has many feelings about his family, his friends, his school, his dog, and himself, but most of those feelings Brian isn't even aware of having. He just knows...