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Author Deborah Shouse
Jason Z. W. Powers, MD
Lesley Dickson, MD, FAPM
Barbara Victoria

Chronic Pain Treatment Books

Mel Pohl, MD,FASAM; Frank Szabo, JR, LADC; Daniel Shiode, PHD; and Robert Hunter, PHD Not just a treatment for chronic pain but a lifestyle that encompasses the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Written by a distinguished team of authors experienced in various areas of chronic pain management...

Addiction Stories and Memoirs

The Soul Workout: Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit

Helen H. Moore The Soul Workout: Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit offers easy-to-follow suggestions for implementing soul-building acts into your busy life each day. Author Helen H. Moore shares the no-nonsense directions she gleaned from her time in twelve-step recovery. Practicing these simple...

Addiction & Recovery Reference

Yoga is not just a physical practice. Like twelve-step recovery, it is a journey along a spiritual path, with a code of ethics leading to contentment and bliss, and it can lead to spiritual union with one's higher power. In Yoga and the Twelve-Step Path, author Kyczy Hawk brings the powerful...

Behavioral Health Books

Make sense of the irrational and resistant behaviors you developed in childhood that helped you then, but that now persist as blockages preventing you from reaching your full potential. Dr. Oliker explains how to recognize and break free of the adaptive responses (survival systems) that continue to...

Motivational Books

A reflective narrative describing topics about building and practicing character assets. Uses quotes from various sources to describe how the principles embodied in the Twelve Steps can enrich an individual's life. Dr. Crosson offers a fresh perspective on topics such as commitment, devotion,...

Young Adult And Children's Books

Meet Brian. Brian is fat. He's fat because he eats too much. And he eats too much because that's how he keeps from feeling his feelings. He has many feelings about his family, his friends, his school, his dog, and himself, but most of those feelings Brian isn't even aware of having. He just knows...