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About Us

About Us

Central Recovery Press (CRP) is committed to publishing exceptional materials addressing addiction treatment and recovery, chronic pain treatment and recovery, and the full spectrum of behavioral healthcare topics. Our publications are written specifically for recovering individuals and their families; chronic pain, addiction, and other behavioral health professionals; treatment facilities; and the general public.

At CRP we consider ourselves a recovery company first, a publishing house second. As such we believe in taking a personal approach with our authors, our colleagues, and our readers, always looking to build lasting and meaningful relationships that are based on our shared values and principles.

Our mission is to shed light on the age-old stigma associated with addiction, treatment, and recovery, and to shift the prevailing understanding of addiction toward a paradigm of one disease with many manifestations, thereby offering a broader view of recovery to a more diverse audience. We believe, and research supports, that addiction is a primary, complex, and chronic brain disease, not a moral failing, character weakness, or vice. We believe that differences among substances or behaviors are not as important as the similarities among those who are seeking recovery. The works we choose to publish reflect this viewpoint.

At CRP we understand behavioral health to refer to the reciprocal relationship between human behavior and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Achieving and maintaining balance within these four essential life domains provides a framework for healthy, purposeful living and offers practical solutions to many of life’s problems. CRP supports and believes in the twelve-step model of recovery. Materials that diminish, distort, or discount the role of twelve-step programs are not a good fit for our philosophy and will likely not fit our publishing program.