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            My new book, Fear: Feel it, Face it, and Grow is due to hit bookstores on March 11. I wrote this one because Fear (yes with a capital f) dominated my life for so long and kept me from doing so many things I wanted to do that I needed to take a serious look at just how destructive it had been and see what I could do to change things.

            When I got into recovery, I began learning a lot of things about myself. This was pretty scary in and of itself. However, learning how big a role fear played in my life was probably the one thing that scared me most. And the more I looked at the fears I had, the more I realized other people had the same, or similar, fears holding them back as well.

            My first sponsor helped me learn to walk through the walls of fear that kept me from doing many of the things I wanted to do with my life. When he died, I found I had learned to face my fear well enough to continue to do what he had taught me—feel the fear, look it in the face and do what was necessary to grow through it. I could never thank him enough for the help he gave me, but I think if I keep doing what I can to pass along the things he helped me with, I will be thanking him in the best way possible.

            Fear: Feel it, Face it, and Grow is my second book of sharing the things I have learned on my road to recovery. It’s part of my process of learning to deal with life as it comes to me and I hope it will help you do the same.

            Don’t be afraid. Order your copy today. You can get it wherever books are sold. Or buy it here.

            I hope you enjoy it.

This post was made by Mark Edick, Author of the books, Becoming Normal and FEAR.

FEAR Becoming Normal

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