Reading My Book

It’s kind of strange reading my own book. It wasn’t as strange this time, being my second book I knew more what to expect, but it’s still a little out of the ordinary.

While I did write it, the writing process is totally different from the reading experience. And the editing process is done in chunks with the focus on making changes, so that isn’t like reading a book from front to back with the focus on enjoyment or learning, not at all.

Thanks to this, when I read Fear for the first time, from cover to cover if you will, with my mind on simply enjoying what I was reading, I was caught a little off guard by some of the things I read.

The stories, the parts of my life I shared in the book, were no surprise. I lived them, after all. However, some of the things I have learned are things I found I need more work on and the book pointed them out to me. It’s been a while since I wrote the manuscript; I finished it in 2010, and I noticed that my practice on some of the things I wrote about has slipped a little. Yet being reminded of this from myself (from my own writing) came as something of a jolt. You need to practice (better) what you preach, I thought. I plan to get busy on this right away, but . . .

It makes me wonder what I might need to relearn from Becoming Normal (my first book). I haven’t read it in a couple years now (my, how time flies). I suppose I’ll have to go back and see what that one has to offer me again.

This post was made by Mark Edick, Author of the books, Becoming Normal and FEAR.

FEAR Becoming Normal

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