Why It’s Important to Figure Out What You Want in a Relationship

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This blog post was created by Dawn Maslar, author of the book, From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire – Healing Your Broken Picker.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry and without a list? I have. I ended up with a cartful of items, but many of them were things I didn’t really need or want. To make matters worse, when I got home I realized I had forgotten essentials like bread and coffee. Instead, I had bags and bags of snacks and munchies that looked good at the time–but now I wanted something more substantial.

I am sure this happens to everyone from time to time. You have an idea of what you want, but you become distracted by all the options. Dating can be a lot like going shopping hungry. Without a clear idea, you end up with something that looked like it would taste good when you put it in your cart, but when you get it home you realize you’d forgotten what you’d set out to get in the first place.

In the past you may have never really considered what was important to you. You would end up with a man who really didn’t fit — and you didn’t understand why. By sitting down and carefully planning what you want–just like making a grocery list before you go to the supermarket–you will be able to spot it when it shows up, and you’ll be less likely to be dazzled by the array of foods that look good, but that turn out to be nothing but heartbreakingly empty calories.

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