About the Book

My Life as a Border CollieBestselling CRP author Nancy Johnston (Disentangle) has done it again! In Disentangle, she taught readers how to establish (or re-establish) their own identities within their important personal relationships in order to solve the problems that arise when relationship partners become tangled in unhealthy patterns of enmeshment. In My Life as a Border Collie, her second title for Central Recovery Press, Johnston shares the life lessons she learned from her observations of the relationship behaviors exhibited by her pet collie, Daisy. The author states, “the book began by my noticing behaviors in Daisy, my border collie mix that resemble the codependent behaviors in me, which I have been working to moderate through my recovery. Daily I am struck by our tendencies to attend to others, to herd, to over-react.”
My Life as a Border Collie is a fun, inviting look at a serious topic—codependence. Johnston states, “It in no way makes fun of the topic, but lovingly and seriously examines the traits my dog and I can share that can cause us trouble if we are not mindful and attending.”
Readers of this delightful book will find new and specific information, including the latest research-supported findings, on codependence and help for it. By choosing to examine twelve specific behaviors that, in their extreme form, can be codependent, the reader can get much closer to understanding “What am I doing that is not producing the relationship results I really want?”

Nancy L. Johnston – My Life as a Border Collie