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Rage: The Legend of Baseball Bill Denehy

A home-run bio about a gifted pitcher whose National League career held promise until a hard slider to Willie Mays injured his shoulder. Cortisone injections could only keep him in the game for a while. Denehy holds nothing back as he shares the rage he felt his whole life, his lost dreams, and eventually finding peace when he entered recovery.

Rage: The Legend of Baseball Bill Denehy

SKU: 978-1-937612-55-9$16.95
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Authors: Peter Golenbock, Bill Denehy
Catalog: Addiction Stories and Memoirs
Weight: 1 lb

Bill Denehy is a former pitching phenom who signed with the Mets, sharing his rookie card with Tom Seaver. Best remembered by Mets fans for being traded to the Washington Senators for Gil Hodges. Denehy pulls no punches when discussing his formative years, his life in baseball, his steroid injections, his descent into addiction, and his life in recovery. Author’s account of his antics in baseball and in life is humorous, at times raw, but always entertaining. Co-author Peter Golenbock is a well-known author and sports columnist. He has authored many New York Times bestsellers, but is perhaps best known for Dynasty: The New York Yankees 1949–1964. Rage contains black-and-white photos from the author’s personal collection.

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