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“This is the most useful book I have read about relationships for people in 12-step recovery programs”

Right about this time of year, we like to reflect on how the last year went and to set a vision for what we would like to manifest in the upcoming new year. The question is: one year from now where would you like to see yourself? What is your dream? Maybe even “In what ways could you relate better to your partner?”

One of the things we have learned in recovery is to dare to dream. After all, haven’t we already experienced a life beyond “our wildest [drunken] dreams?” One of our dreams—the vision we shared when we wrote “A Spiritual Path to a Healthy Relationship,” was that someone (hopefully many) would find our book uniquely useful. We saw how our previous miserable relationship experiences could actually benefit others. After all, if people like us can experience the miracle of a healthy relationship, why can’t you?

We wanted to share our “experience, strength and hope” with as many people as possible. Is this ego-driven? We hope not, as we have prayed for God’s will each step of the way. Often, we felt inspired and the writing came easily. Sometimes, when we were not as centered, we had to remind ourselves that it was “God’s book,” which is how we felt when we were able to do the footwork and leave the results up to our higher power.

The favorable feedback we have received from friends, the rich variety of positive reviews on Amazon.com, and the people who have already said they have benefited from our book–these are so gratifying and all part of yet another “dream come true.”

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