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Over the news outlets, the big item in health is that therapy can take place over the phone. It talks specifically about people with depression and how they can be helped. No surprise there for me. I have for a long time thought that depression, because it affects people in different ways, needs to have many different ways for people to avail themselves of treatment – and I’m not talking just about the depressed but also about those that live with a depressed person. Help is a phone call away, a friend away, a walk through the park away. Help is whatever we need to do to keep us healthy and keep us supporting the person we love who happens to be depressed. So if that is a phone call with a session of therapy or a phone call to chat with a friend who will help you laugh and think of other things, that’s the route to go. Depression is an illness where one treatment does not fit all. The same applies for those who live or work with a depressed individual. Do what helps you stay healthy, no matter if it is not the accepted way of doing things. Keeping yourself healthy is the best gift you can give your depressed loved one.

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This blog post was written by Bernadette Stankard, co-author of the book, Dancing in the Dark – How to Take Care of Yourself When Someone You Love is Depressed.

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