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Addiction treatment, and to a lesser extent the broader behavioral health field, has long been an outlier within the medical community. Treatment has focused on the patient’s primary problem, be it substance use disorder, sexual addiction, an eating disorder, or a process addiction. Treating co-occurring problems and the overall health of the individual have been relegated to the sidelines, if they are addressed at all. Coordinated Care is a rallying call for change and advocates adapting a dynamic integrative treatment model focusing on the entire individual, examining all aspects of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Dr. Philip Hemphill, drawing on three decades of clinical experience, offers solid intelligence to assist therapists, treatment centers, and other healthcare providers understand the coordinated treatment model and how to incorporate it into their own practices. He makes a strong ethical and business case for this innovative approach, offering practical advice on determining the state of an organization’s culture of wellness, a plan for implementing integrative care, and evidence-based measures for assessing success.


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