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Central Recovery Press (CRP) is a division of The Channel Road, a family of companies dedicated to providing services, education and information to those seeking recovery.


CRP’s mission is to shift the prevailing perception of addiction, co-occurring, and other behavioral health issues as moral failing, character weakness, or vice, offering materials that promote a broader view of recovery and encourage a holistic approach to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


To create a library of quality materials across the full spectrum of behavioral healthcare topics, including addiction treatment and recovery, addiction and the family, parenting, relationships, trauma, grief and loss, and mindfulness.


Commitment – Central Recovery Press (CRP) is committed to building lasting and meaningful connections based on our shared values and principles, which are reflected in all of our relationships – from authors to our readers and colleagues.

Passion – All of our staff members have chosen to work at CRP because they are passionate about our mission and embrace the principles of healing, wellness, and recovery.

Holistic – CRP books help people find balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and offer a holistic approach to living a better life.

Education – We take pride in publishing materials that include the latest research and best practices so that those seeking recovery from addiction, chronic pain, and mental health issues can have the greatest chance of success in their life.

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