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Debbie Danowski. PhD

Debbie Danowski. PhD

In her previously published book “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?” co-authored with Dr. Pedro Lazaro (Hazelden 2000), Dr. Danowski outlines her personal physical, emotional, and spiritual food-addiction recovery program, which resulted in her losing more than 150 pounds over 17 years ago. A regular guest on both national and international radio stations, “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?” was Hazelden’s best-selling trade book the summer of 2000. The book is currently in its third printing. Dr. Danowski has written more than 100 articles for national and local publications, including First For Women, Woman’s Day, Seventeen, and Fairfield, and serves as a contributing writer for Fairfield County Home magazine. She has also spoken at countless meetings, seminars and conferences about weight loss and food addiction, including Food Addiction 2000, the first national conference held on the disease. Dr. Danowski is also the advisor to both Sacred Heart University’s student newspaper and student magazine, and a member of the university’s Eating Disorders Awareness Team. She holds a Ph.D. from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she researched eating behavior in American film, a Master’s degree in Public Communications from Syracuse University, and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Sacred Heart University.

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