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Ditta M. Olliker, PhD

Ditta M. Olliker, PhD

Ditta M. Oliker, PhD started her career in theater at the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA had recently formed a partnership with members of the film industry to establish a professional theater on campus known as The Theater Group. The organization evolved into the Mark Taper Forum at the Los Angeles Music Center, with Oliker as a member of the core producing staff. After a personal tragedy, she went back to school and graduated with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Dr. Oliker has been in private practice in Los Angeles for over 30 years. She began to develop her ideas about psychological survival while in graduate school and realized the effectiveness of the survival system concept soon after beginning her practice. She has lectured on the subject at various universities and mental health facilities, including UCLA and Alliant University, among others. Most recently, she taught an innovative program on Staying in the Moment using improvisational theater techniques. Her innovative approach to the field of psychotherapy is based on her knowledge of psychodynamic theory interwoven with her theater background. Her concept of survival systems is based, not only on theory, but also on her understanding of the struggles of her patients; on her own life history; and on her work in the theater which showed her the power of creative communication. For information about seminars, presentations, or professional consultations, go to www.dittaolikerphd.com

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