21st Century Parenting


The only parenting book based on a school-tested method with a proven record of success that has been used to counsel over a half-million young people.

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Dr. Rick Capaldi, founder of Outreach Concern, one of the largest school-based counseling agency in the United States providing parents with a guide to raising their kids into sturdy, independent adults. 21st Century Parenting gives a new twist on the original three Rs―Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic. Parents will learn how to steer their children toward emotional stability and success using the new three Rs―Reading, Regulating, and Redirecting―reading their child’s environment, regulating their child’s emotional temperature, and redirecting their child’s behavior.

  • Dr. Capaldi provides a powerful marketing platform for 21st Century Parenting via his nationally recognized nonprofit, Outreach Concern.
  • Outreach Concern additionally has a national footprint in 26,018 universities across the country as well as a strong presence with online universities nationwide providing internships to hundreds of their students in graduate and doctoral programs, all of whom have a major interest in the parenting field.

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