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Children of Denial DVD


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Format: DVD
Duration: 30 minutes


Addiction is the number one cause of dysfunction and disharmony in families today.”The strongest legacy of addiction for people who grow up in an addictive family system is to repeat the addictive behavior or another addictive process or enter into personal relationships with someone who is addicted. Many experience problems related to isolation, a greater sense of loneliness, feeling very separate from other people. Many have difficulty expressing feelings or even identifying feelings. They often feel a sense of depression that comes more frequently, lasts longer. They have problems in relationships because they’ve learned to not trust others. Many times they feel victimized and experience a great sense of powerlessness over what is happening in their life. The key to disrupting this legacy starts with breaking through the dysfunctional family rules.

When growing up in a troubled family people learn how to not talk openly. They learn to minimize, discount and rationalize. As one of Claudia Black’s nine year old clients said, “In our family we just pretend things are different than how they really are.” While many people have much to be afraid, sad, angry, or embarrassed about, children often find their family setting is not a safe place in which to be emotionally honest.

Through the use of poignant stories and children’s drawings, Claudia explores how the three dysfunctional rules -”Don’t Talk – Don’t Feel – Don’t Trust”act as defenses and explores how these rules become significant challenges for the child to speak honestly, develop a healthy, emotional intelligence and learn to trust themselves and others.

This presentation is a must for every treatment service as it provides information and validation for children and adults who have been impacted by addiction in the family. Because of the emotional effects on the viewer, Children of Denial has proven to be immensely effective in breaking the denial of the addicted person.

This video is effectively utilized with individuals, families, and groups. While it speaks to people impacted by any addictive substance or process, from alcohol and other drug addictions to gambling, food and sexual compulsions, the dysfunctional family rules can also be generalized to include other troubled families.

This video is a classic in the addiction field since it was first released in 1982. In this revised 2002 edition Claudia Black continues to offer answers to children raised in addictive families.

Running time is 30 minutes.

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