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How to Be Perfect Like Me


Striving for perfection in her life, Dana Bowman has the startling realization that recovery is not only about the alcohol.

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Dana Bowman’s writing is luminous, laugh-out-loud wondrous and makes something profound shift within, much like staring saucer-eyed at a field full of fireflies. While we do approach recovery differently, that didn’t matter; I related to her hugely and rooted hard for her throughout. This big-hearted book rejoices in the messy, tangled clusterf*ck of being a perfectly imperfect human.Catherine Gray, author of The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

Dana Bowman is honest, insightful, and incredibly funny, which is hard, especially as she tries to love herself. Men, don’t be surprised if your wife hands you this book and says, ‘Read this, and then maybe you’ll understand.’Stan Friedman, writer and editor for the Covenant Companion

Real, honest, hopeful, and funny. That is what I love about Dana Bowman’s writing, and her second book does not disappoint. How to Be Perfect Like Me is like spreading all your issues out on the kitchen table and laugh-crying at them over a good cup of tea. Highly recommended for women who are ready to know that every one of us struggles, but that struggle is just the beginning of the story.Alison Buhler, author of Rethinking Women’s Health


In this funny and revealing follow-up to Bottled, Dana Bowman can’t escape the lure of perfectionism, trying to be a flawless wife, mother, and person in recovery. When Dana experiences a short-lived relapse during the Christmas holiday”think of it as a festive, hot mess”it doesn’t take her long to realize that self-care and getting over herself are the keys to happiness.

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