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Recovery Skills Manual


A cohesive addiction treatment model based upon the concept that addiction recovery is a learned skill.

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A practical, step-by-step guide designed to help practitioners implement Dr. Earley’s groundbreaking theory of addiction treatment found in RecoveryMind Training in outpatient practice (ASAM Level 1), IOP (Level 2.1), Partial Hospitalization (Level 2.5), or Residential program (Levels 3.1 to 3.7). RecoveryMind Training (RMT) is a cohesive treatment model based on the concept that addiction recovery is a learned skill. To be successful, the learning involved in recovery has to overcome the complex and hard-wired entrainment produced by the use of highly reinforcing drugs―including alcohol. The RMT model describes the dynamics of active addiction with regard to its effects on the brain―motivations, drives, memories, and cognitive distortions―with the term Addict Brain. Recovery is facilitated through the learning of a structured set of skills that promote changes in thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and bring about Recovery Mind.

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