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A Time for Healing CD


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Format: audio
Duration: 48 minutes


In one of my most popular presentations I offer you an empathetic and compassionate understanding of the role of abandonment in the creation of shame. Abandonment, physical or emotional, as you are developing your worth and identity, creates shame and fear. Most people develop protective strategies when they are young, carrying them into adulthood, often generalizing the impact into other areas of life.

Freeing yourself from shame is a core step in recovery. Recovery takes time, it’s a process, but it can be done.

And I just want to remind you – You were powerless in the past, but you are not powerless in the present.

As you listen to Claudia speak, she explores responses and defenses to shame such as control, victimization, rage, depression, perfectionism, procrastination and addictive disorders.

A Time for Healing from Abandonment and Shame offers a framework for understanding how your past continues to influence your present day.

Total running time is 49 minutes

This presentation is a natural companion to Putting the Past Behind CD and Changing Course.

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