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A comprehensive and groundbreaking workbook addressing the stigma and distorted self-image issues experienced by those suffering with mental illness.

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With the rise of the recovery movement over the past thirty years, more hope exists now than ever before for people diagnosed with serious mental illness to live full, meaningful lives. Designed for use with groups as well as individuals, this workbook provides didactic information and guides users through questions and exercises to encourage increased awareness and acceptance of the self and the effects of mental illness. By actively responding to the questions, users can better organize their thinking and engage in behaviors that will improve quality of life.

“The self-acceptance workbook is a structured, comprehensive manual that leads participants through a process of looking at themselves in a way that truly does improve self-acceptance. The manual is written in positive language, never talks down to the reader, and invites active participation from the reader. I have seen very positive results in my use of Dr. Ashear’s workbook. People with depression have learned to increase positive self-talk, increase activity, and set healthy goals. People with schizophrenia have a base on which to evaluate their disturbing thoughts and gain better organization of their thoughts. All have appreciated the work on de-stigmatizing mental illness and decreasing shame. Overall, I view this workbook as a very valuable addition to our tools for assisting people with chronic and persistent mental illness.  A study in press in the American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation showed improvement in self esteem with group participants.”–Barbara L. Ziegler, Ph.D., Psychologist

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