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The New Year

A clean slate that for all that is possible is a breathtaking prospect. When I last wrote here, four days before Christmas, my attention was focused in the how-important-is-it of misplacing a well-intended “perfect” gift for my adult offspring in...

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The Challenge of Trust in Recovery

A certain candidate for mayor of New York and his wife are very much in the news — he a sex addict and she a spouse challenged to understand and live with the reality of her husband’s addiction. As if the initial revelations of his online...

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White Horse Syndrome

A few days ago I learned from my once-husband that his brother’s 20-something grandson, who has suffered with addiction for several years, has been in the throes of heroin addiction. The boy’s father, when asked about him, said that his son is...

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The Tragic Consequences of Addiction

Sometimes I am overcome with sadness. The one I raised is disappearing into a stranger. I don’t know how to live with this loss day after day, night after night. I am lost as well. — BV So begins Chapter 5 of IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU — EXCEPT WHEN IT...

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