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By Author Mark Edick

On Sunday morning past I was on Live TV talking about my new book. It was a local news show, and I was on for about 5 minutes. It was quite a trip. The TV station was channel 12 (ABC) in Flint, MI., so there was an actual trip in the car of about 50 minutes but that was the least of it.

In my previous life (that of active addiction) I would never have been able to muster the courage to do such a thing, or if I had actually gone on TV, I would have made a mess of things, I am sure. At the very least I would have been a nervous wreck.

This time it was a trip because I learned a lot, about Live TV and about myself.

I wasn’t really nervous—not nearly as nervous as I thought I was going to be—I simply reminded myself that I would do my best and let the result be what they were. I was in the studio, sitting in my chair (the one they would interview me in) from the start of the show until after my interview was over. I got to watch the show as it was made—from behind the scene, quite literally—sitting where I could watch everything as it happened. I’ll never watch a news program the same again because of this, but it certainly hasn’t soured me on the news. On the contrary. It’s given me a new perspective and that’s almost always a good thing.

The crew at ABC-12 in Flint, were professional and kind and helped make the whole process as smooth and easy as it could be for a neophyte—to being on TV—like me and I thank them for everything they did that made what could have been an ordeal come off as a true pleasure. We talked about my new book and got a plug in for both of my publications which was very cool and unexpected (by me, at least) since I didn’t know they knew about the first book until after the whole thing was over.

And the coolest thing is that when it was over, the producer asked me if I might want to come back and do another show (one that is taped) a little later. Of course, I said I would be happy to. I am, after all, a bit of a ham. I’ll probably never get over enjoying the spotlight—not completely.

On a side note: I did a taped radio interview the next day  that should air in the Ohio valley (WLTP-AM) and have another radio interview scheduled for March 28th, for a radio station in the East (WDVR) that services the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. The WDVR program I’ll be on is called The Lowdown and Airs on Monday and Wednesday. I believe I’ll be on that same day about an hour after we tape the show (which we will do on the phone). This is all pretty fun stuff. Stuff that would have scared me to death in the past but that I am actually enjoying now. Go figure.

Buy the Book! - Fear - Feel It, Face It, and Grow

This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Fear – Feel It, Face It, and Grow.

Buy the Book! - Becoming Normal - An Ever-Changing Perspective

This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Becoming Normal – An Ever-Changing Perspective.

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