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I wrote a letter to Stephen King yesterday. It’s two pages long. I suppose it’s that long because I have been going to write to him for nearly thirty years. Fear has kept me from writing, but it’s time to overcome that now.
I have been so afraid to write him because he is—by far—my favorite writer and because I didn’t want him to think I am some kind of crazy person that writes to big-time entertainers. Neither of these fears is rational, I know, but they loomed so large that I actually forgot (for many years) that I was even going to write to him. I remembered after re-reading Song of Susannah which has a section at the back where he put several entries from his journal that pertain to the Dark Tower series. There were copies of a couple letters in there and that’s what reminded me I was going to write to him.
There is a new fear included in writing to him now. I plan to send him a copy of each of my books along with the letter and that scares me more than his best horror stories. However, I have decided this isn’t about what he thinks of me anymore. It’s about doing what I need to do for me (to make my journey through this life complete). So . . .
As soon as I get a mailer that will hold two of my books, I will be sending a letter (and a signed copy of each of my books) to my favorite writer, whether he wants them or not. Of course I have no control over whether he will actually read them—or even get them—but I will have done my part.
I’ll let you know what (if anything) becomes of this. Assuming, of course, that I hear anything back, which is a long shot at best.

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This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Fear – Feel It, Face It, and Grow.

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This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Becoming Normal – An Ever-Changing Perspective.

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