I Have the Power

The power to change the way I react to the disease of addiction. The power to stop its destructive spread. For too many years I was consumed by the poison my son was consuming. I snarled and yelled and argued and begged and cried; I re-negotiated...

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Once upon a time I was just a mom.

A regular mom. When I held my little miracle in my arms for the very first time, I rubbed my cheek on his fuzzy head and whispered, “Joey, my beautiful son, I will love and protect you for as long as I live.” I didn’t know then that my baby would...

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My Struggle

My baby grew up to be an addict. There was a time when I believed a mother’s love could fix anything, but it can’t fix this. For too many years I thought I was helping Joey.  I thought I was doing my job by keeping him out of trouble and getting...

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