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Actually I am not thinking about the dollars and cents cost of sex addiction. However, it is staggering to see what some people have spent pursing their addiction.
Sex addicts often pay a high price for their addiction. Some have lost jobs and even careers because of their acting out. I have some clients who have lost several jobs due to their addiction. Other sex addicts have lost relationships because of their sexual acting out. In studying the history of sex addicts, it is common for me to find that a person has lost two, three, or more relationships directly attributable to sex addiction.
The loss of health is the price that some have paid for their sex addiction. They have contracted one or more STDs and often pass these along to their partners. If you are the partner of a sex addict, chances are you have acquired an STD as the result of this person’s acting out.
The ultimate price that some pay for sex addiction is their life. Depression and despondency are so great for some sex addicts that they do not see any way out other than to take their lives.
What I know is that there is hope for sex addicts. It is possible for them to get completely free from their acting out behaviors and never return to them. It is also possible for relationships that have been rocked by sex addiction to be restored.
Sex addiction demands a high price. It costs more than most people want to pay. If someone you love is a sex addict, you would benefit from reading Stop Sex Addiction: Real Hope, True Freedom for Sex Addicts and Partners. And when you finish reading, you might leave the book out where the one you love can find it.

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This blog post was written by Dr. Milton Magness, author of the book, Stop Sex Addiction — Real Hope, True Freedom, for Sex Addicts and Partners.

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