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Weary…and waiting

July 28, 2017 By Vicki Tidwell Palmer Partners, it is so easy to become weary. When you’re dealing with betrayal trauma and addiction, progress, recovery, and healing rarely happen as quickly and as smoothly as you’d like. Waiting for your spouse...

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Sex Addiction Recovery and Disclosure

One of the most frightening things for sex addicts who enter recovery and for their partners is hearing that disclosure is widely regarded as a foundational step in recovery and in relationship rebuilding. Disclosure is not dumping details about...

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Lying and Sex Addiction

I have often said that a person cannot be a successful sex addict without being a world-class liar. This is not a character attack but simply an observation based on many years of working with sex addicts and partners. Why do sex addicts lie?...

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The Cost of Sex Addiction

Actually I am not thinking about the dollars and cents cost of sex addiction. However, it is staggering to see what some people have spent pursing their addiction. Sex addicts often pay a high price for their addiction. Some have lost jobs and...

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