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For the past 10 days I have been using a guided meditation to refresh my morning practice. I located a lovely intention setting meditation. For some reason it really has had an impact on my days. I try guided meditations from time to time; and while I benefit from all moments in meditation some experiences linger. This practice has been one of those. I have been struggling with a challenge and the guidance provided here, along with my desire to face my barriers and boundaries, is the perfect union with my practice right now. Sitting quietly, becoming conscious of my safety, my willingness to grow and feel different than I do (practicing satya and aparigraha) and allowing, without constraint or control, to let the truth unfold slowly, I found my intention. I did not come to the cushion with a specific intention in mind. I came to the cushion with an openness to the possibilities; the possibility of change.
This is really what the journey into a sober life has been for me. I did have an intention at first – to STOP IT! I wasn’t sure what IT was; I did know that it would entail putting down the drink and drugs, but I had no idea what would come next. I just showed up. I found safety in the rooms, I became honest, and I became willing. I learned to let go: to let go of who I was and let go of what I thought was “going to happen”. And my life got better; the future opened up and while all situations have not been rosy – they have led to rosy moments and a life I could never have imagined.
So – being open to the intention is kind of like being a new comer to my life. I have jerks and pauses, and then cruise along with the smooth deep breath of moments that allow my days to be beautiful.

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This blog post was written by Kcyzy Hawk, author of Yoga and the Twelve Steps

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